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Cowabunga music

Tailored collaborative music for any project, specialising in gaming and short story music.


Musical Concepts




Lament and laughter

00:00 / 01:04
00:00 / 01:55

That's one cool guy". They say as the protagonist walks in. Modern electronic sound with a hard beat.

try, tone

00:00 / 00:42

Written for a story theme or introduction music. Inspired by the music of Yann Tiersen's on the movie "Amelie". The musical theme moves though both light and dark moods showing two aspects on the same theme.  

Somewhere between the sounds of a hero's dance call and the comic relief of that big tough guy doing the worm.

this d'boss?

00:00 / 00:58

A modern take on a retro vibe, written with the boss fight music of older games in mind, while making it something new. Being both fun, dark and getting the listener pumped for the potential battle.    

dull shine

00:00 / 01:36

yasha musing

00:00 / 01:53

Written as a theme for the character "Yasha" from "Critical Role". It is written as if she is remembering the melody from her past. With the harmony and melody written to sound like I imagine the traditional music from her homeland.  


00:00 / 01:35

Written to be a character theme, to work its way into the listeners ear. Abstract in its sound but simple in its delivery. 

Some ambience, enough said.

These tracks have copyright and are not for purchase, but are excerpts that I have written as an illustration of my compositional technique



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